Just one of those weeks....

It could be the pregnancy or just a me having a shitty week but man I have been super emotional for the last few days.  I have cried numerous times and seriously some of these outbursts were over nothing.

Faruq has been working lots of crazy hours recently so I'm getting super tired and I usually don't do well when I'm tired under normal circumstances. 

I'm having doubts about this third pregnancy and whether we can actually handle three kids (guess it's a little late now to be worry about it now).  I'm sure it will all work out but I'm still worrying none the less. 

 I worry about how I will get Hayden to school for 8:15 while trying to get two other little ones dressed and out the door as well.  I will worry about how he will get home at 3:15 everyday.  Did we do the right thing moving him to the this school that is so much farther away and now we don't have a busing option anymore.

I worry about Laila accepting the new baby as there will only be 2 years between them and she has always been used to being the baby.   Are we doing her a disservice by having this 3rd little one.

I guess I'm just worried about lots of stuff lately.  That's what I do..."Worry".  I know Faruq always says we will work it out and he is most always right but I still worry.

Then to top it off my fridge quit chilling sometime last night so I was treated to a crap load of of warm food.  I guess life is so good for the refrigeration companies in Calgary right now that they don't do emergency call outs and we are scheduled to have our fridge fixed on Friday (maybe Thursday).   Who will pay for the over $500 worth of food that I have had to throw out?  - I sit and worry !

And as luck would have it we just had garbage pickup this morning and I have 3 large bags of food rotting in the garage.  Maybe, I can drop it off at Home Depot where we bought these appliances from not 3 years ago.  They have been they worse people to deal with in regards to warranty work and let me tell you have had to deal with them on our washer, dryer and now fridge.  Seriously, any other appliance I could live without for days if I had to but not the fridge. 

So now I sit and worry about how to keep food cold for two days...not an issue for just hubby and I but when you have kids they needs food that is refrigerated. 

It's just one more thing that has been added to my little "pity party" I have been having !

Wow this has been an uplifting and inspiring post but It's  truly how I'm feeling right now and I just didn't feel like being cheerful and upbeat when I'm really not.   

I know the sun will shine again really soon for me but for today it's just a little overcast in my world.

Chow for now !!


Amber said...

What a crappy week!! Huge HUGS to you. I have to say that in the beginning stages of each of my pregnancies I have thought, "Why did I think this would be a good idea, to add more kids?" But I have always gotten over it (maybe in the second trimester LOL) and more kids has always been WONDERFUL.

I hope that things look up quickly for you!

Michelle said...

Thanks Amber....I'm sure I will feel differently. I know this pregnancy is a blessing and it wasn't suppose to happen .

Today is a better day...sleep helps a lot.

Thanks again !!

Donna said...

Wow that sounds like an awful week even in the best of times! That happenend to me last week when I left the freezer door opened and ended up clearing out everything in the freezer! It happens!

We mom's are just built to be 'worriers' aren't we? I definately belong in that boat along with you! Everything will fit into place Michelle! Laila will do great with the baby, she is such a laid back lovable little girl! (Have I mentioned I love her cuddles!) If she is anything like Alyssa and with most things she seems to be (that's why they have the same b-day!) she will be VERY maternal! Hayden will do great with his new school, how won't he since he won't be having 35 bodies around him!!! You did the right thing with moving him!! Everything will fall into place! If you need anything you know where I live!!! Ha, ha! I hope you have a better week and when Faruq gets back hand the kids over to him and we can go have coffee!!! Take care and hope you have a better week!