The glass is half-full again.....

After two nights of full sleep and a fridge that has now been fixed.

It's is amazing what happens when you are properly rested...I now feel more like my normal self. I have to say I really did feel "defeated" last week with all that life was throwing at me.

A lovely gentlemen came this morning and replaced the fan that had stopped working in the fridge this past Tuesday. He has small kids so knows how hard it would be not to have a fridge in working order. I'm truly grateful for his kindness and have always believed if you do good deeds for others it will come back to you. I wish him nothing but goodness !!

Hayden and I headed out this morning for groceries. We hit Costco, Safeway and finally M&M's but now have a stocked fridge which makes Mama very happy !!

While we were out Faruq managed to get our yard work done as well as cutting the neighbors grass on both sides of us as they are both currently away on holidays.

We picked up a few movies to watch tonight and I think we are heading to Calaway Park tomorrow morning for a few hours. Then home for a nice visit and BBQ with some lovely friends that just relocated to Calgary from Fort McMurray.

Have a great rest of the weekend !!

Chow for now !

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