Life is calmer now....

We have returned to regularly scheduled programming in our house. It is week 3 of summer vacation and while the weather hasn't bee great this week my mood has greatly improved. Sleep has been my friend and helped me reagin my calm disposition.

I think we as mom's just feel that we can't allow ourselves to have down times because too many people depend on us but if we don't acknowledge these stumbles we actually do a disservice to our loved ones. I know last week I was short tempered with the kids and really grouchy with Faruq. Things that would not have normally bothered me threw me very close to the edge of the cliff.

The kiddies and I have stuck pretty close to home and our days have been spent creating new LEGO creations, reading Alice in Wonderland and Pippi Longstocking. While Laila is awake we color and watch episodes of Big Comfy Couch (her new favorite show).

Faruq has been home this week and doesn't really have a, date that he will have to travel again which makes mama very happy. We are a team and I find it tough when he is gone for long periods. He is off this Friday so we are thinking of maybe taking a little road trip to Drumheller and spending the day at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

As for baby I'm feeling really good...I always find the first trimester the hardest and thankfully things settle down going into the 2nd one. My tummy is getting bigger everyday and I think I'm actually starting to feel a little movement. My next GP's appt is July 28th for a prenatal physical then August 18th we have our 18 week scan book where hopefully we will know if this is a little girl or boy.

I have been catchng up on a few of my TV shows this week and was heartbroken to see Jillian on the The Bachelorette send Reid home. I love Kiptyn but not sure Ed is right for her. Honestly, I can't believe I'm again investing 2 hours of life a week into this silly show. Every year I say I'm not going to waste my time but here I sit again watching something that probably won't even last past the closing credits of the final show.

Big Brother started last Thursday and while the season is still new it looks like it will be a great summer. I still need to watch Sunday and Tuesday nights shows but the opener looked great.

Our new family favorite is Wipeout. Hayden and Laila laugh so hard when they watch this and both Faruq and I love the commentators comments.

Lastly, Faruq and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Monday evening and while the movie didn't end until close to 1 am (which made me very tired the next day) it was totally worth the late night. Brad Pitt is a favorite actor of mine and he did not disappoint in this movie. It was a very moving story which really kept us entertained right to the very end. Cate Blanchett was wonderful as well. I know it's has been out for quite some time now but if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

The sun is shining here in Calgary today so I'm going to try to get the kids out to the playground this afternoon for a little vitamin C then maybe home for a little picnic in the backyard.

I hope the rest of your week is filled with laughter and sunshine !!!

Chow for now !

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Miranda Young said...

I defintely agree with you on that one..sending Reid home. I HOPE she picks Kipton..he is just adorable! I know I waste my time too watching it..ah well! Wipeout is one of my faves too!