Tonight is the night....

We get to see Jillian pick Ed as her beloved !! Ooops...maybe I'm jumping the gun but an inside source told me last week that's who gets the final rose but honestly until I see her offer it to him I don't want to believe it. I really liked Reid but unfortunately I only see him getting the boot tonight.

Tomorrow night ABC is airing "After the Final Rose" so honestly even though she picks her bachelor tonight the true test is actually tomorrow to see if they are still together.

Hubby is sad he will miss the finale (okay not really) as he is in Edmonton visiting is mom and she is not a fan of the show so he will probably be stuck watching a rerun of The Price is Right but I told him I would PVR it so he could watch when he got home. He is a trooper through the season usually watching with me weekly as I rant about whoever is making an ass out themselves that week.

I have been tuning into Big Brother 3 times a week and thus far only felt the need to hurl the remote at the TV a few times. Honestly, some of these people are so stupid but are very entertaining to watch. Seriously, Ronnie enjoy those 15 minutes of fame because I think I hear your cat calling you to come back home. My favorite thus far is Casey but he'd better be careful with what he says our he will be fighting to stay in the house.

Hell's Kitchen started again last week and I have to say I miss Gordon when he isn't on weekly. It should be an interesting season with he ranting and raving in his usual fashion.

Has anyone ever seen the show "Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag" ? It's a Canadian show that airs on the "W" network. I happened upon it a few weeks ago and realized it was right up my alley. I have a small obsession with cookbooks and guess what they do ? Test different cookbooks. I have been PVR'ing every episode that airs and found the reviews great. They have tested a few books that I have considered buy and now reconsidered after hearing their reviews. It's worth a look....

Not much else going on at The Suleman's....Laila and I are just enjoying a little girl time while the boys are in Edmonton but honestly it's pretty quiet around here and I think she tends to get a little bored with just mama home.

Chow for now !

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