Wordless Wednesday - February 25th

Laila and I are down for the count again with terrible chest and head colds....Please pray that we will find some relief soon. Daddy is out until around 9 tonight so I'm not sure how I will manage with both kiddies but I guess we will survive.

Here is a picture of our little ladybug yesterday...I love those chubby little cheeks and just want to kiss them all day. I had the doctor weigh her the other day and she is now a whopping 23.6 lbs (good considering she was only 19 lbs a few months ago).

We are scheduled to go to Edmonton on Friday to see Faruq's mom who is recovering from knee surgery but honestly I'm not sure if we will make it in this condition. The weather is still bitterly cold here as well and I'm just hoping it will warm up in the next few days.

Gosh this really wasn't a "wordless" post !!!

Chow for now !!

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