Nice and quiet...

Was the way we spent our Monday !! We hung out together in the morning having breakfast, doing puzzles, building Lego's and coloring until it was time for Hayden to get ready for school.

We had a bite of lunch then drove him to get the school bus (usually we walk to the stop but today was snowing, cold and windy). Brought Laila home and she went for her nap which gave me a few hours to try to organize my digital pictures. I have taken over 10,000 pictures in the last 5 years and honestly still haven't figured out the best way to organize them. (I would love to hear how everyone else does it !!)I

I threw together a yummy spaghetti sauce with ground turkey & whipped up some biscuits for dinner then it was time to get Laila up and fed so we could get Hayden at school. He will usually take the bus home most days but we like to surprise him once in awhile with a drive home.

Faruq got home just after us and we managed to sit as a family for dinner before he was off to workout with his trainer. The kids and I played in the toy room for awhile then time for baths and bed. Daddy got home just in time to read Hayden a few stories before bed (we are currently reading a kids version of the Bible and he is loving it !).

I managed a nice long soak in the tub and now I sit in bed typing on this silly laptop when I should be trying to get to sleep. I have a new book just calling my name so I may have to start that before I call it a night.

I have taped the latest Bachelor episode but haven't watched it's really next week's that I can't wait to see. Honestly, I think he picked Melissa at the original rose ceremony then dumped her for Molly or even Gillian (wouldn't that be scandalous). Can't wait to see it all unfold next week !!!

Anyone watch the Oscar's last night...I always like to watch to see what everyone is wearing and who makes the best acceptances speech...Loved Kate Winslet and Sean Penn's speeches and actually there was only one dress I really disliked and that was Whoopi Goldberg...What the heck was she thinking !

I did catch The Amazing Race last night and I'm totally digging the Mother/son team Margie/Luke. I wasn't really surprised that Steve and Linda got eliminated this week and I had thought they might have gone in the first week but they managed to sneak by for a week. I love love love this show !!

I will post the recipes for the Turkey Spaghetti Sauce and biscuits tomorrow but they are both super easy and very yummy !!

Oh and by the way Laila's poor hair didn't look any better today but man she looked cute in one of her hats when we went to get her brother !! :}

Chow !!

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