Ah Sunday's.....

Growing up I hated Sundays I always thought they were boring but as an adult I love them ! It's a great day for the family to just be together and really do nothing. Our weekdays are busy like most families with small kids and Saturdays are usually scheduled with swimming lessons, trips to the grocery store and library.

But Sundays is just our day to be together...We will go to church (sadly, not as often as I would like but we are trying to improve on that this year), afterwards we come home to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Laila is usually ready for a nice long nap after this. Then Daddy, Hayden and I will just hang out watching a movie, playing a favorite board game or reading a book that we may have started during the week... We are presently enjoying Harry Potter series !

If we are really lucky Hayden and I will enjoy a little nap in the afternoon while daddy plays with Laila. It's also my day to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen so we end up with a yummy dinner and dessert.

I think it so important to instill traditions with kids and to create wonderful family memories !

Enjoy your Sunday !!!

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MrsETaylor said...

Awww thanks Michelle for finding me and becoming a follower. It means a whole bunch. Hope all is well *hugs*