I know his intent was a good

but the result was not.  Hubby took the kids out this afternoon so I could get a little "uninterrupted" cooking time in the kitchen.  (I know lucky me !)

They were only supposed to do the weekly recycling, a quick trip to Safeway and wash/gas my van...that's it nothing else but he decided to do me the favor of getting the kid's hair cut.  I had mentioned it earlier in the week and while he can't remember something I told him this morning he remembers that. (SadlyNot so lucky for me this time !)

Laila has only ever had one haircut in her short lifetime and that did not go smoothly.  I was glad I had been there that time to hold her and try to add some distraction while the poor stylist tried to trim the mullet I had let grow because of my fear of taking her there in the first place.

She did okay but it was a great salon with a "kid-friendly" vibe but daddy thought it was silly that we paid $20 for what amounted to all of a 5 minute cut. So today on his mission to do me a favor as well as try to save a few bucks he took the kids to MasterCuts at one of the local malls.

Again I keep saying in my mind "The intent was good, The intent was good" because the outcome was far less then that.  Now as a second time mama I have learned a few things... roll with the punches & stay calm when things don't turn out the way I think they should.

I'm pretty sure  Faruq knew he might be in a slight bit of trouble when he sent Hayden in first upon arriving home.  Hayden's hair wasn't too bad if you only looked at it from the back... the front was not exactly even and it is so short it appeared that a few attempts were made to repair the damage then it was just decided to cut it all off.  All the time I'm thinking "Oh no, he would have sat still and this is what the outcome was..... what has happened to Laila".

So my little girl comes in with her daddy and all I could think was "OMG I'm the mama of one of  Stooges".  Seriously, my beautiful little girl could now join the 3 Stooges and become the 4th member.  Laila has the weirdest head of hair to begin with and I wasn't there to distract her that poor stylist didn't stand a chance from the start.  :{  It is uneven everywhere especially around the ears and again she went for the "shorter is better" look in the front.

I think Faruq could see the shock on my face and the silence made him slightly nervous so felt it was a great time to add that not only did he save $ 5 per cut he saved me the hassle of taking them myself this week.   

She didn't seem to terribly traumatized by the whole event so I just rolled with it and calmly told my "well meaning" hubby that I would be handling all hair cuts from now on.  

I guess all the little hats I have bought her over the last few months will come in handy while we wait for her hair to grow out again !!!  I hate to even take or post a picture of it but might try to snap a few tomorrow.

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Sonia said...

lol Poor kids! That totally sounds like something Matt would do too! Although their intentions are good, they just don't get it! Oh well, at least it's just hair, it'll grow back! :) Have fun with the hats!