I have been away from the computer a lot in the last few days and will most likely be more and more disconnected in the coming months. After self-checking myself on the amount of computer time I have during the day I knew I had to change this. While I love connecting with friends and family on-line I have two very busy kids that are demanding my time and I know they deserve it.

I'm still going to check my email in the evenings and of course,  play a few games on Facebook but for the most part I'm going to be off-line during the day.

We had a great weekend..it was all family time for 3 days !! Faruq took Friday off and Hayden had the day off from school so what a better place to spend a few hours but Ikea. We arrived just before lunch and afterwards Hayden hit the play area while Laila, Faruq and I shopped. I'm updating the kids toy room and love all the groovy things that they sell. I picked up a few shelves, a chair and some picture frames. I will post a few pictures when I have finished with the makeover.

When we got home Faruq and Hayden got to work on painting my office (it became the toy room a few years back). It was painted with black and yellow so both colors needed a few coats of primer to cover it. They finished the priming late last night and this morning the paint started going on. I hate to paint but know that the toy room colors were my idea in the first place so I have been pitching in a little with the whole process. The end result will be so sweet with me having a work space back where I can start to get the creative juices flowing again - I have really missed that !

Faruq took the kids this morning out for breakfast to give me a little break. They ended up at MacDonald's (not my 1st choice for nutrition) but I loved the few hours on my own so it was worth it. I finally finished a book that I have had on my night table for over 6 months then took a nice long bath. I did something to my back on Friday and it has been pretty tender all weekend so that was just another reason for loving the time alone - My husband is so sweet and I love the fact that he is such a "hands on" dad.

I spend the the rest of the day making meals for Laila, baking muffins and of course making a yummy supper for tonight. We tend to eat fast crock-pot meals on the weeknights but I have really tried to prepare a nice meal on Sunday's.

I love weekends but man they go by so quickly ! I find by Friday I'm usually just exhausted from the weeks activities so I look forward to my few days away from the regular routine.

I hope you all have a good coming week !

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Jenn M said...

Good for you! I'm going to do this too. 2 weeks left and then my computer time is done to nothing. :D

Good for you.