Breakfast this morning...

After asking a thousand times what my (apparently now deaf) 5 year old would like for breakfast this morning I finally decided on Buttermilk pancakes, yogurt and fruit.  

I remember growing up and only getting pancakes on "special" occasions because my mom always said they took to long to make - not sure where that logic came from I guess cereal was just an easier alternative back then.  Well now that I'm the mom we have them at least once a week.  I make a variety of different types ... plain buttermilk to whole wheat to Blueberry.  We have a waffle maker as well but honestly I think everyone just prefers the pancakes. 

I don't put whip cream on them because mean old mommy doesn't consider that a "breakfast" food.  Last year we went out for breakfast and Hayden ordered pancakes.  When it arrived it was smothered in whip cream.   I think he thought he had just died and gone to heaven. He has asked for whip cream every time since but sadly has never gotten it again.

We add a little organic syrup and butter then some fresh strawberries or applesauces if I have them on hand.

I couldn't resist posting a picture of the yogurt portion of our meal today....We have been slowing adding food to  "Things Laila can feed herself" list.  You be the judge but I don't believe yogurt has quite made that list yet.

 Shortly after this picture the spoon was pitched on the floor and she proceeded to finish the rest using her hands.

What did you have for the most important meal of the day today ?

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