Role Playing - Hayden style !!

So this morning while cleaning the kitchen after breakfast I hear the following coming from the toy room...

"Fetch doggie....fetch doggie...go get it doggie."


"Good doggie...okay fetch again doggie."

This time a ball comes flying by me as the toy room is actually our formal dining room so it's connected to the kitchen.   Low and behold Laila (AKA "our new doggie") comes whizzing by after the ball and once she retrieves it takes it back to Hayden.

So is wrong ?  I really didn't say much as she got bored after the next throw and refused to go get the ball.  

I love the relationship that my kids have (It's something I missed growing up as an only child) and I can't wait to see it grow as they do !! 

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Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read this because that's what Josh does to Alyssa sometimes! It is so comical sometimes I'm lost with words on whether I should tell Josh to stop or let it continue but since they are having fun and Alyssa's a willing 'participant' I just shake my head and laugh! It also warms my heart when I see the kids forming a lasting bond it is the best ever!