Lazy Saturday

Laila woke 4 times last night because of this nasty head cold she has had and mama was the only one that was going to provide her with cuddles.  I'm so not used to this because she has slept through the night since about 2 months old (please don't hate me I know I got lucky with her).

It didn't even feel as if I had gone to bed cuz after the first few times is was just easier to sit with her in her rocking chair and sleep there.    I thought maybe she would sleep to say noon but no such luck as she was yelping from her crib around 8 this morning.  Daddy did get her but I find once I wake I don't typically go back to sleep so I got up a and joined them for breakfast.

We have season tickets to go see all the Broadway shows that come to Calgary and today we had tickets for Annie.   Sadly, Hayden decided that he would take daddy this time as  I went to see Hairspray with him last time.  I was a little disappointed because I'm the "Broadway show" lover in the house but thought that the boys were in need of a little "male bonding" time so I stayed home with my little lady.

The boys left around 11 for Hayden's swimming lesson at noon then they went to the show at 2.  Thankfully Laila had a nice 3 hours nap so mama took a little nap at the same time.  

We chilled for the rest of the afternoon together eating, playing, dancing then eating again.   Here's Laila rockin' it out to Pink !!

(I wonder who needs a few new pairs of pants ?? Darn growth spurts !)

My little theatre lovers got home around 7 just in time to say good night to the little lady (I so hope she sleeps through the night).  They are watching Madagascar 2 again before it needs to go back to the store tomorrow.


Okay totally off topic but I'm just watching Jon & Kate plus 8 (know them) - I have one question (okay maybe a few) - When did she become so annoying ? How the heck did they get this mansion they are now living in? and where are the twins?  I know if I asked Faruq he would say that she has always been somewhat annoying (he is not a fan) and I guess I could probably figure out how they can afford the new house.  As for the twins maybe they are just not cute enough anymore for TV (kidding) - I'm sure they are just sulking in their bedroom (kidding again) .

Don't get me wrong I'm happy for them but life definitely seems to have improved since the early days of this show.  It just doesn't seem as "real-life" as before except when she is belittling her husband that really hasn't changed much.

I think I'm going to try to do a little digital scrapbooking tonight before bed...I'm really trying to get the creative juices flowing again as I have really missed this hobby !  I spent some time getting the Mac's set up with the appropriate software and files now I have no excuse to not get started.

I hope you all had a great Saturday !!

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