Wordless Wednesday - February 18th

This is Laila around 10 months - We had a local artist in Calgary draw the sketch for my mother's birthday this past December.

We had Hayden's done a few years back by the same artist - I will try to find a picture of it to post. I can't wait to get some done for us.

Happy "Wednesday" Everyone !!!


MamaBear said...

While YOU were writing me a comment, I was reading your blog for the first time! SMALL world and we're not even in the same country! :)

I'm going to try your frozen cookie idea. Even if I don't double a batch, it'll be good for my terrible self control to not have so many cookies sitting around.

Speaking of cookies...I think I'm going to go have one with my cup of coffee.....

Michelle said...

That is very funny...it is a small world ! Beware of the frozen cookie dough...I have needed to resist just eating the dough out of the freezer.

Thanks for stopping by...Hope to chat with you more !!


Clair said...

OMG, how gorgeous is that photo, your daughter is adorable!