A few weeks wrap-up !!

I realized I haven't done a weekly wrap-up in a few weeks so here we go...

  • Our iMac broke and we paid almost $500 to get it fix only to get it home and something else wasn't working.  It is back with Apple trying to be repaired properly on their dime this time as it is something they broke when they had it.
  • I deleted almost 3 years worth of pictures in under a minute on Sunday (by accident of course) and it took nearly a day to restore them all from the backup drive.  That little baby just paid for itself.
  • Laila got her haircut on Saturday.
  • We managed to get a few Santa pictures one with Laila and one without.  
  • We are one day away from a two week vacation and I think we are all looking forward to it.
  • Sophie is now wearing the same size diapers as Laila (no Laila is not potty trained yet something we need to work on in the new year).
  • The grandparents arrive on Monday for two weeks and they have been appropriately warned to get lots of rest before coming.
  • I decided not to send out Christmas cards only to change my mind and order picture cards from Costco yesterday.  In my defense I have cut it back from a card, letter and pictures to just a picture card so no double postage needed and I have slashed my list from 75 to 35.  The are addressed and ready to go the post office.
  • Chapters bookstore sucks...I'm waiting for a response on something that happened to me on Saturday and will blog about it more when I get something back from them.  But they SUCK right now in my books.
  • Hayden got straight A's on his report card in the core subjects but a B in computers which shocked us as he seems to know more then us.  
  • Not really missing Cable TV and honestly can't believe we didn't cancel it earlier.  I'm only going to miss Top Chef in January but may have to purchase it from iTunes.
  • Christmas shopping is done and now just needs to be wrapped.  Waiting for an elf to arrive but looks like I may have to do it one night myself.
  • We decided to do a scaled back version of Christmas decorations this year as I wasn't sure what Sophie was going to go after.  Well she hasn't even really bothered with much it's more Laila that likes to relocate things to other areas of the house.
  • Faruq and I have started to watch Mad Men on Netflix.  I have to say I'm kind of hooked.  It's not Dexter but it is really good.
I'm sure there is more but Sophie is waking and I must run for now !!

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