Our Christmas Card

Early in the season we decided this was going to be the first year we were not going to send a Christmas card instead giving the money we would use for that to charity.  Beside the obvious cost factor it was time consuming to make the cards.  We always included pictures and a letter as well.  With the popularity of Facebook a great number of people on our list are friends with me so they know what my kids have been up to during the year and have seen their fair share of pictures.

I did well resisting the urge to send out a card until the day we started to received them.  I caved and decided to order a simple picture card from Costco.  I cut the list from over a 100 to 35 and didn't include a letter or multiple pictures.  The postage was only 1 stamp vs. 2.  The cards came with envelopes so all I needed to do was  printed off some address labels.

So in the end it can be done pretty reasonably and with not a huge amount of time.

Of course, Laila had the honor of selecting the template we used and it had to be Mickey and the gang.

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