Laila's Big Day !!

For the last 2 years Laila has refused to willingly go to a hair salon and get a hair cut.  I have taken her a few times but have had to put her in a head lock hold so the stylish can even attempt to trim it.  It was never a good result for mama or Laila.  So the last 6 months or so I have been trimming it at home but I'm not a hair stylist and I should not try to impersonate one.

Last Saturday afternoon I booked appointments for the boys and I with a possible trim for Laila.  When we got there our wonderful hair stylist Tammy asked Laila if she want a hair cut.  To our surprise she said yes and proceed to hop into the chair and get her hair trimmed.  Now there may or may not have been a promise of MacDonald's fries if she did it but honestly those bribes rarely work with Laila.

I didn't have my real camera so I snapped a few pictures with my phone to ensure we actually had proof she did this.

This is a big step for my little girl - I was so proud of her !!

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