Laila 3rd Birthday

Our amazing little princess celebrated her 3rd Birthday today and we had such a nice day !

We started the morning with presents of course...

She got books and a movie from Hayden, Strawberry Shortcake stuff from Sophie and a Junior Tag system from her dad and I but her most favorite gift of all was her princess dress !!

She stayed in it until close to bedtime and I have a feeling it will be making an appearance on a pretty regular basis.

We had to scale back her actually birthday party because she hasn't been feeling well but we had good friends come for supper and she had an awesome time playing with them.  Really for Laila it was never the size of the party that mattered but rather that people came to celebrate and sing with her.

I made a very yummy two tier chocolate cake covered in chocolate fondant.  I used Duff Goldman's products and have to say I will use them again.  They are more expensive but worth every dime you spend on them.  The fondant was the best I have ever tasted like a real chocolate taste not the Wilton's fondant which in my opinion is not edible at all.

She was thrilled with her cake in the end.  While I had originally intended to do Tinkerbell that plan did work so I went with Plan B and I think it turned out pretty darn good.

We had such an amazing day with you Laila and we all love you very much !!  You are a beautiful and kind hearted little girl with a huge personality and we are very proud to call you our daughter.

We wish you millions of wishes for your birthday and hope they all come true !!

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Soshayna said...

The cake is a beauty! Hope Laila feels better the princess dress! :)

Mellott Family said...

Did you give her the record player? If so, was it a hit?