Christmas party and perfect present (at least for one child)....

We went to the children's Christmas party hosted by Faruq's company this past weekend.  It is a lovely event that has been put on for years.  It always includes food, entertainment, visits with santa and of course, presents.

This year was no exception and because we actually arrived before it opened we pretty much got front of line for most everything.  I guess it does pay to be early for things.

After the kids talked to santa and had a snack...

 (He was an amazing Santa)

They then went to pick up their gifts.  Hayden got an awesome truck that he has to build similar to LEGO so he was a happy guy.  Laila got a very cute stuffed pillow and she didn't seem interested at all in that.  Finally Sophie got these really cool bath toys that really didn't make impression on her until she used them in the tub and now they are rockin (at least to her).

The funniest thing happened when we got home.  Laila laid her pillow out on the floor and played with it for 2 seconds but Sophie has since taken quite a shine to it.  She will plop herself down and proceed to rub her little face in it.

I have never seen this pillow but according to a lady we were sitting with at the party this is a very popular item as her 4 year old daughter has been asking for one for months.  It didn't seem overly interesting to my 3 year old but it had nothing to do with either princesses or barbies so it was a  bit of a lost cause from the beginning.  It was a win/win for Sophie who actually got two gifts she can use.

The pillows are called "Pillow Pets" and can be found here.  It appears to be an awesome gift for kids.

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