Gingerbread House and Princess Castle...

Tonight was suppose to be a small get together with some close friends but 2 out of the 4 families needed to cancel at the last minute due to sick kiddies.  Tis' the season for illness I guess.  It actually turned out for the better for us.  Faruq has been working extremely long hours and the kids have been missing him a lot so a little quiet time at home was just perfect.

We had a quick supper then started to decorate Hayden's gingerbread house and Laila's princess castle.  I had constructed both this afternoon and let the icing harden.  It worked out really well because all the kids like to do is add and eat a little of the candy.

~ Laila Bejeweling her creation ~

~ Hayden's Gingerbread House ~

~ Princess Laila's Castle ~

The kids are so proud of their creations and it was a whole lot of fun !!

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