"Yes I Did" Friday

I thought I would join in the fun this week with the "Yes I did" blog carnival hosted by Jeanntte at "And on to today" !

Yes I Did ....Make an appt to get my hair cut where I take my kids to get theirs done. And Yes I Did ....get a far better cut then I did with the big salon that I paid almost triple the amount for the last time.

Yes I Did... Feed my kids popcorn for dinner one night but added a large glass of milk to go with it.

Yes I Did ....stay home from last Saturday until yesterday because it was just to cold to go outside.

Yes I Did....nothing most days while Laila napped in the afternoon this week. Yes I did....just watch movies and TV shows instead of preparing more for Christmas.

Yes I Did...buy my Christmas Turkey in a box this year. It's just the four of us this year and I couldn't be bothered with a big bird as I'm going into the hospital a few days after Christmas. I hope it's good because it was more expensive then a regular old bird.

Finally Yes I Did.....Just eat a huge carmel square for breakfast this morning but now I'm starting to feel very ill but it was very good at the time.

Stop by Jeanette's Blog to see what everyone else did this week !!


Jeanette said...

Popcorn for dinner is perfectly acceptable!

Thanks for joining in!

FalkFamily said...

I agree with Jeanette. Popcorn has lots of fiber :) Thinking of you and hoping your bp is down and headache gone.

GrammieMommy said...

Michelle, I am thinking of you and will pray for the safe arrival of your little one. Blessings to you!

I won't be participating on Fellowship anymore since it seems to bring out some folks with residual feelings..but I am a follower of your blog and will communicate to you on comments.

Hugs and more.

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i have no problem with popcorn for dinner. especially if we have a late lunch. easy clean up and you can save the calories for another day