Inexpensive Teacher's Gifts

This year Hayden has 6 teachers that I require Christmas gifts for and remembered something I had stashed in my "To Do One Day" pile a few years back. They are super cute and very inexpensive but just a little time consuming.  I have showed them to my girlfriend who is a teacher and she loved them so I feel pretty confident his teachers will appreciate them.

What you will need :

  • A shadow box frame (I got 8x10 frames at Michael's for $12.00 on sale)
  • Crayons - I did buy a few new boxes but you could use your kids old ones.
  • Piece of cardstock to print the name and letter on.
  • Glue gun
How to make them:
  • I used Powerpoint on my computer to print the first initial of the teacher along with their first name (some may use Mrs or Ms Last Name but our school goes by first names for the teachers)
  • Place crayons over the large letter by cutting crayons to the appropriate sizes.  I just used a sharp knife to this.
  • Once you have them all in place start hot glueing the crayons to the paper.
  • Place finished  picture in the frame and you are done !
Each one took approx. 2 hours to do but it was probably me being fussy on how I placed the crayons on the sheet.

(Credit to Testosterone Times Three where I originally found the idea)


GothicBttrfly said...

What a great idea Michelle, thanks for posting it and the directions!

FalkFamily said...

Those are great!

Shana said...

That is so cute! Love it! I just love seeing Ladybugs picture...she is just precious!

Tina said...


How cute and creative...



Joyce said...

Thanks Michelle for the link - they look fab.
And no I am not Canadian - actually I just realized I am!!! Weird me, I got naturalized 2 weeks before I returned to my home country with my Canadian son.