Just call me Gloria.....

Honestly, the last few weeks I have felt as I'm getting my ever expanding behind handed to me on a plate every day. I'm really trying to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy but it's been tough to stay positive and maintain that glorious pregnancy glow that all us gals get !

Really I'm just feeling more and more like Gloria from the movie Madagascar.  I have successfully managed to gain more weight with this pregnancy then either of my other two and I'm really feeling huge now.  Sleep is a luxury when I manage to get it and it is never enough.   Little kicker decided it would be a hoot to flip herself into a breech position for the last trimester so I feel as if a watermelon is sitting on my bladder and I might as well just take up residence in a bathroom.

My nearly 2 year old has decided that it is a great time to start exercising her "independent" streak and refuses to listen to me at all. She has become the Tasmanian Devil creating mess after mess for me to clean up.  When daddy arrives home nightly I'm pretty much ready to throw in the towel and give the game up.

And not to ever be out done by his sister Hayden has been an interesting little human to be around lately....everyone says he will return to normal programming when he hits 7 but man it has been tough the last few months.  I so wish my polite and quiet little man would return to me.

Now I'm faced with Christmas and everything joyous about that holiday...I have almost finished my shopping because I knew when I was pregnant two years ago at this time I was not in any mood to fight the crowds at the malls.

We are going to put the tree up on Sunday after Laila's birthday Saturday and maybe try to throw a piece of  garland over the bannister.   The boys both start their Christmas breaks on December 18th and I'm really looking forward to just having a quiet few weeks before the new little kicker arrives.

Okey Dokey pity party is done at least for now.  I have another yummy Christmas recipe that I will post shortly to add a little sweetness to your holidays !

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FalkFamily said...

Oh, I remember those days. I swear I got bigger with every child. By my fourth . . . Phew! Hang in there mama!