Still hanging in...

I'm finding it a little stressful this year trying to get everything done before Christmas.  I think the added stress of the new baby arriving shortly after hasn't helped my "A" type personality either.

This weekend was a bit of a bust mainly because of the stupid winter weather.  I was sad to have to cancel dinner with two friends on Friday night due to crappy road conditions.  I was so looking forward to a girl's night out with ladies to just relax and share a few laughs.  We hope to meet before Christmas if our schedules can sync to the same day.

Saturday our cleaning ladies are scheduled to come so we cleared out just before 11 am.  I had booked haircuts for Laila and I which is always a fun filled adventure with her.  She will not sit in the groovy cars they have and her dad usually has to hold her in a chock hold.  Well it was not different Saturday except she cried so hard this time her little nose started to bleed.  Poor little ladybug !!   But she needed the cut badly so we soldiered on to get it done.  Daddy took the kids for a quick lunch while I got my haircut.

Afterwards, we went to one of the local malls as the boys need to sell some popcorn for the Scouts and it was surprise a crazy mad house....I grabbed some lunch there and then met up with them afterwards.  Thank god the previous scouts had sold all but 3 boxes before we got there so we only needed to stay about 15 minutes.

We got home Saturday afternoon to find that our cleaning ladies had been here but didn't manage to get the work all done.  They had brought 3 instead of the regular 2 girls and we told them that didn't need to clean the basement so what the hell had they done for the time they were here.  We have had a few issues in the past but before we made a judgement call to fire them we wanted to talk to the main girl.  Hubs called her because I was just pissed off and supposedly they arrived almost 90 minutes late and stayed 90 minutes instead of the 3 hours we pay them for.   She then had the nerve to ask if they could come back on our dime of course to finish the work they didn't get done.

I have a couple of issues with this....1) she brought someone new into my home that I was not familiar with 2) We pay them each $20/hour IMO too much but I'm 9 months pregnant and needed the help but because there was three of them they split the money 3 ways and still didn't stay long enough to cover what we left. 3)Then asked to come back for more money and finish the job.

We were beginning to wonder if it is because we live in a nice large home in a nice neighborhood that she felt she could just start changing the rules of the game.  I think we were pretty fair in the beginning with her and tried to work to their schedules but always felt like we were the last in her line.  She is a nanny working her weekends as a cleaner and I know that she wants to make as much money as possible but I really felt as if we were being taken advantage of so we just fired them and cut our losses.

So I sit here now with no cleaning lady and honestly at a time when I really need one.  I have placed a few calls with our old cleaning services to see if they could possibly pick us up again but I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Sunday we decided that Ladybug and I would just stay home instead of going to the Christmas party at the hubby's work.  It was so cold and honestly I just couldn't take her out again.  After the party the boys went onto a hockey game and arrived home around 8.

So all in all it was a bit of a bummer weekend but onwards and upwards we go...We are expecting warmer temps by Wednesday so that should brighten the moods of all.

Baby is still kicking up a storm and is more then ready to come on out...I'm feeling very, very large and just want it to be done.  15 days and counting unless the little lady decides to come early which is a total possibility.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well and you will be ready for the big day !!  Only 10 days until Christmas eve !!

Chow for now - Stay warm !!

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FalkFamily said...

What a bummer about the cleaning ladies. I'd be irked. I'll keep the fingers crossed that baby is cooked enough and she can come a little early :)