Can we top this...

After fuming last year about our family Santa picture I quickly started to see the humor in it and we actually ended up sending it out as our family picture in the Christmas cards. While we mom's dream of that wonderful pictures with kids smiling and sitting pretty on Santa's lap it doesn't always turn out that way.

We actually got really lucky last year....the kids picture alone with Santa was great and the family one was just down right funny !!

I suspect any pictures with Santa and Laila this year will be more like the 2nd one but she could surprise us.


Anonymous said...

When Emily was 3 I took her to see Santa and she was excited, until it was her turn. She turned to me and said... "Oh my gosh... Santa is gonna kill me" After the shock wore off, I had to laugh!

Cute pics! I love all the Santa pics even when they are screaming or not happy, lol!

GrammieMommy said...

It will be fun when you have a collection of Santa pics to look back at few years from now.
I was looking at the peppermint fudge recipe on your blog...mmmmm the weather here is perfect for it.