I'm just pregnant...

not dying !  Yesterday before Lady Bug and I left to run errands I figured I would shovel the driveway.  Hubby has been getting home late every night and leaving early in the mornings so it hasn't gotten done.  Now we didn't even have that much really but just enough to bug me.

I got Laila set up in the van with a movie and started to clear the little bit of snow.  Truth be told it was beautiful out and I was actually enjoying the nice cool breeze plus the little bit of exercising was probably doing me some good.

When all of a sudden I heard "Young lady" (I seriously didn't even look up since I haven't been "young" in many, many years).  But I quickly realized my neighbor was talking to me when he came outside with his shovel and was intent on taking over shoveling my driveway.  He was furious that someone in "my condition" (his words not mine) would actually attempt to do something so silly.  I just know Faruq will hear an ear full the next time he sees him.

I had pretty much finished by the time he came out but I let him finish what was left and went on my way to run errands.

Now today he is nowhere to be found and we got over 20 centimeters of snow and could really use his help !!  But I guess Faruq will have the pleasure tomorrow trying to dig us out !!

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