So now we wait...

And honestly I don't do "waiting" well !!  I had my 2nd to last Dr's appt on Friday and my dr found my pressure to be elevated higher then she would have liked.  I regularly sit around 120/80 bit it was much higher then that.  Baby is measuring around the 38week mark so even if she had to come now all would be fine with the delivery.  She sent me for a bloodwork which I did Friday and U/S which was scheduled for today but has since been moved to tomorrow.

I did however have a GP friend check my pressure on Saturday morning and it was still very high.  I had started to experience headaches so he advised I should just go to the hospital with the fear of pre-eclampsia.  So off I went and they were great at the hospital....after running some tests it was determined that I was fine but should really just try to rest as much as possible and they used those dreaded words "Bed Rest".  I know I'm lucky with just only a week left but really did it have to be the week leading up to Christmas.

My two best pals are gone on vacation and both called yesterday to find out how things were going.  After a good cry I felt better and know that it is what it is but I know they both feel very bad being away when I could use them the most.

I'm very "A" type and totally need to control everything in my families life but now must do it from the bed.   There really isn't much left to are bought and wrapped, Christmas dinner ingredients are bought and just ready to be cooked (which hubby can clearly do),  everything is set up for baby's arrival and hubby cleaned our house last night !  So here I sit this morning in bed just waiting !!

Hubby was planning on taking the kids out for lunch and maybe try to get that elusive Santa picture today.  But the weather is crappy and I'm sure the roads are messy so I would much prefer them to just stay home cozy and warm with me.

I honestly can't believe that Christmas eve will be upon us in 4 days and I really wish to be here Christmas morning to see the kids open their gifts !!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday with loved ones and you have a wonderfully festive break !!

I will continue to update here on the baby's status and hopefully hubby can put up a small post if I actually need to go in earlier then next Tuesday but I'm not banking on him know how to actually do that so I will post when I get home.

Merry Christmas !!


Jenn M said...

Can't believe it is almost here.

Congrats and enjoy the rest. As much as its "forced" it is still rest.

Happy Holidays Michelle

FalkFamily said...

Hang in there Mama. Rest, rest, rest. And remember it's the last bit of resting you'll do for a while :)

Shana said...

It's almost time!! Keep us posted! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Michelle2 said...

thinking of you, Michelle, and praying for you in these last days of waiting. Sounds like you are in good hands, and well-prepared, and now just ready for the big events of Christmas and the little one's arrival. Will look forward to hearing the good news!

Tina said...


Still thinking of you and I'm so happy it looks like you will be spending Christmas with your family and then you can have that little bundle of joy!!!!