Mother Nature you suck...but so does our city council !!

Seriously, Calgary has been hit with crappy weather for the past 2 weeks and I have had just about enough.  I know I live in a country that has winter but for heavens sakes winter hasn't even officially started yet.

We live in a city that has a city council that doesn't believe that we need better road clearing services.  With a population of over a million people and with a great majority actually having to drive these roads everyday to and from work I for one say they do.

Last week we had a very serious fire that destroyed 5 homes all because the fire trucks could not reach the houses...they were not located in rural section of the city but a residential area within the city.  That could have very well been any of us.

We have a whole community in another area of the city that were not able to get their cars out because they were completely buried under snow drifts but even if they could have gotten the cars out they couldn't drive their roads as they were completely impassable as well.    The city it would be at least 3 or 4 days before they could get out and plow them out.

Even emergency personal needed to abandon their vehicles and walk by foot to the people requiring medical attention.  As someone who is in her 36th week of pregnancy that causes me great stress.

When is the city going to wake up and realize this is not going to stop happening every year !!!  They need to formulate a new plan to effectively deal with something that is going to keep coming back.

There is a civil election coming this year so maybe it is time that the people of Calgary wake up and put their votes to good use by replacing the ineffective mayor and council we currently have running this city.

So dear Mother Nature can you please stop dumping snow in Calgary at least until our city can clear out what you have already gifted us with !!


GothicBttrfly said...

Oh man I would be concerned to! Hopefully they get their act together, and the weather can hold off until baby has arrived.

Shana said...

Hoping the snow takes a break =0) Missed you today!