Christmas Wish

All I truly wanted for Christmas this year was to be home with my babies on Christmas morning and to deliver another healthy baby a few days after....Well one wish down and one to go !!

We had a great Christmas eve with the kids and it couldn't imagine it any other way.  We had numerous invites to parties but honestly I just wanted something really low key.  We all got in our jammies around 6:30 and watched a few Christmas cartoons while munching on some tasty goodies.  The kids got to each open a gift and then we put out lunch for Santa and his reindeers.

Now they are both snuggled into their beds eagerly anticipating what Santa will bring them tomorrow !

I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids before they went to bed but Laila is at that lovely age of not wanting to pose for pictures and Hayden thinks it is funny to act like a little goofball in most of the pictures so when I did get a good one of her he was doing something silly.  {sigh}

I will make do with what I took and hopefully get a few better shots of them tomorrow morning.

On the baby front I guess we are good to go on Tuesday as my blood pressure has settled down and baby is still moving around like crazy.  We had an U/S done on Tuesday because my doctor just wanted to ensure everything was in fact progressing as planned.  Baby is still breech (which I pretty much figured) and is weighing well over 8 pounds now with a ton of hair.   Hubby and I both said "Yup sounds just like a Suleman baby to us".

Well must run and wake "Santa" as he has fallen asleep with Hayden.  The old guy still needs to put a few toys together before tomorrow morning ! (At least it's not a Thomas the Train table with all the lovely pieces to assemble like we had a few years back.)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that your time with family & friends is wonderful and joyous !!

God Bless,

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