My little Laila girl....

So my Laila girl has always been a really good eater but recently has decided that it is her right to exercise the word "NO" (a lot) while I try to feed her. She used to devour pretty much everything and anything that was put in front of her and I always try to offer variety as not to get tired of the same foods. But the last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle for her and I.

While I don't want to cater to this new found freedom she is exhibiting. I have tried to limit her to a few choices at each meal but I don't want her to starve either. It's new territory for her and I but I'm standing my ground and trying to maintain a healthy eating regiment as I have seen the benefits. It's super hard but I remember very well the torment we went through with Hayden's eating habits and I don't want to go down that road again. I figure this too will pass if we just wait it out.

The other puzzling piece with Laila is whether to move her from her crib before or after the baby arrives. She loves her crib and sleeps very well in it. She has never tried to crawl out of it and if she had I would have recognized that as "the sign" and moved her to a bed. I started her in a Gro-Bag (sleep sac) from around a month old so I know that restricts her from actually trying to escape from the crib - again it has been a godsend in helping her establish an amazing sleeping routine. I'm a little selfish on this one as well because I love my sleep (especially now being pregnant) and wonder if moving her to the bed will ruin the really good thing we have going.

I'm not sure I want the headache of trying to adjust a toddler to a bed and having to care for a new baby in the new year - Any thoughts on what would be best ? We have already decided the baby will bunk with us for at least the first few months then eventually she and Laila will become roommates but we need to change the bedrooms around to achieve that goal.

On a funnier note she is getting so smart and trying to mimic everything mama does during the day...from sweeping the floors, to folding laundry, and my personal favorite putting things in the microwave (namely bunny) and trying to heat it up (It's right at her left as it's under our kitchen island).

Daddy is totally the love of her live and it is obvious that the feelings go both ways as he is very smitten with her as well. They have even started a little tradition on Saturday mornings of making a run to Starbucks before Hayden and Mama get up.

Hayden still pretty much just tolerates her but I think it is getting better with him away at school all day - he has time to hang out with his new buddies and not have a meddling little sister in his business all the time (and let me tell you she gets in his business a lot). She is definitely not a "wall flower" and will stand her ground when she feels it's important which we know will serve her well later in life.

We are all very curious to see what will happen in January when the new baby comes home - we figure it could go either way right now but we are hoping for the best. She will soon figure out that to the new baby she is the "rockstar" and will be idolized so we are thinking it will all work out.

I still have a hard to believing that she will be 2 in a few short months..... where has the time gone !!

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Mellott Family said...

I am denial that Bradley will be 2 shortly after her. We put Bradley in a bed at 14 months and it was awesome, and we went straight to a big bed, which he loves and his sleeping stayed the same which was wonderful!