Well for sure it's a......

Baby. We had our 18 (actually 19) week scan on Tuesday and all looks great for the latest and last addition to the Suleman family.

We have a very active little bean and the the technician actually had a bit of a hard time doing the scan. This really didn't surprise me in the least as both Hayden and Laila were exactly the same way at their scans for 18 weeks. But the tech was very patient and managed to get all the measurement she needed. Unfortunately for most of the scan the little kicker had it's hands of their private parts (again just like other two) so it was beginning to look like we wouldn't find out the sex. I really wanted to know this time so I could start clearing out either boy or girls clothes.

I think she knew we really wanted to know so tried for almost another 10 minutes. Low and behold right at the very end it did move it's hands for a second to reveal it's bits. We couldn't see any little boy bits so the technician really felt it was a little girl. Secretly, I was so thrilled with that news but again for the selfish reason that it will be easier to bunk the baby and Laila together.

My guess is this baby will be longer then the other two and I think will look just like Laila when they come out. Hayden is still just indifferent to the whole idea of another baby and is glad that he will not have to share his room. Daddy is thrilled for another little girl but I laughed when I heard him telling Hayden the other night that "the power" in the house has officially shifted to the girls (like they ever had the power in the first place).

I honestly can't believe that we are 5 months into this pregnancy. I know that January will come very soon and it will all be over. I'm actually very sad about it ending and will miss being pregnant. My problem was getting pregnant and endured many years of infertility but honestly being pregnant was some of the best months of my life. We are blessed beyond words with 3 little ones and can't wait to watch them grow.

Here are a few pictures from our U/S and have to say they look identical to both Hayden and Laila's.

Unrelated to baby news we are just trying to enjoy the last few days of summer vacation. Hayden starts back to school next week and I'm glad for him. We haven't done much this summer and I know he has found it a bit boring. I think once he settles in and makes new friends life will be better for him.

So come next week it will be just me and my little lady at home. I'm looking into signing her up for a few classes as my time will be a little limited in the new year.

I hope everyone in Calgary is out trying to enjoy the last few days of what I think is our summer ! I have a feeling we are going to have an early fall.

Chow for now !

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Jenn M said...

Very cool.

And yeah like the power was EVER on the boys side.

Good luck with the rest of the summer. I brought back the hot for you. I'm nice like that.