Apple vs. Blackberry...

And we aren't talking about the fruit folks....hubby has finally gotten fed up with not being able to reach me during the day if I'm out and about. He wants to upgrade my (perfectly good but very old) cell phone to a new fancier one.

We are big Mac users but I'm not totally convinced that I want the iPhone. I have been given by said hubby 3 iPod Touch's and return each of them to the store because I felt the battery life was inadequate.

Faruq has had a Blackberry for as long as I can remember and he really likes it. I was looking at the updated version to his though the Blackberry Curve.

My other question is do I need to change carriers if I go with the iPhone - I'm with Telus right now and honestly don't have a problem leaving them but my current contract is still in effect there until the new year.

So which one should I pick ?


Mellott Family said...

I would go with the IPhone, I don't have either, but my brother had nothing but issues with his Blackberry and just ended up paying out his contract to go back to Rogers and his Iphone over Bell and the Blackberry!

Vanessa said...

you would have to leave telus if you went with the iphone. I had a touch (until it took a bath in the toilet oops) and i had problems with it freezing all the time, and you are right the battery life is not so good.

I just got a blackberry and i am pleasantly surprised with it, i am really enjoying it actually.