Two Small Words

I said two words to someone this week and can't tell you how good I felt after.

The "Coles Notes" version of the story is.... A few years back I was involved in a situation that was not pleasant and I wrongly jumped to the conclusion that a friend was involved in it all. I actually didn't know who was involved so made the decision to sever communication from a group of individuals.

At the time I didn't need the extra stress and stupidness of the situation as I was newly pregnant with Laila. While I know I made the right decision with most of the people because truthfully they weren't really friends in the first place I was wrong with the one individual.

It has taken almost two years to say these two words "I'm Sorry" to this person and honestly I didn't even know if it would even be accepted but I felt as if I had to at least make the attempt. I don't want to go back but just move forward (sort of what Kate Gosselin would say).

Why as adults do most of us find it so hard to apologize when we are wrong and instead prefer to just let it eat away at us.

Have a great Sunday !!