Wordless Wednesday & Manners !!

Sadly, I haven't taken my camera out in almost a month so I have no new pictures for Wordless Wednesday but I'm going to make a real effort to start taking a few more pictures here and there.

I have been thinking about a something for the last few weeks and was wondering if it is just me or others are finding this as well. In a nutshell it has to do with kids and the way in which they talk to adults (primarily not their parents).

This is the first summer that Hayden has had quite a few friends in the neighborhood that will come by to see if he wants to go out and play. Out of the 5 kids that come by there is actually only 1 that I secretly really like - he is polite and knows to say please/thank you. The issue I have with the others is they sadly seem to be lacking in the manners (or maybe even just common sense department).

Two of them come to the door and will ring the bell until someone answer it.... so if we are upstairs or in the basement that could be 10 times before we get there - I have talked to them numerous times (even yelled once because I had just put Laila down for her nap) but they don't get it and just keep doing it.

The other two just seem to ignore Faruq and I if we tell them Hayden is not able to come outside to play and will continue to ask for him. They bombard us with question after question. In my day I was taught to respect my elders and if I was ever caught doing this man would I be in trouble if my parents ever found out.

We have always taught Hayden (and we will our other kids) to respect your friends parents while you are visiting their home. So far I haven't had any feedback to say he is acting otherwise (but certainly would want to know).

What has happened to the practice of manners and respecting others. Is it not being taught at home anymore? Possibly my standard it set to high for your average 6 year old but I don't suspect so.

Anyone else find this or is it just me ?

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