The last days of summer .....

We are just trying to enjoy the last few weeks before school starts. I think Hayden is a little bored at being home with Laila and I. So the change of pace and new routine will do him the world of good.

I went last week and did some of his school supplies shopping. Holy I have spent almost $100 and I'm not quite done yet. This is grade 1 and I have spent that much. They are very specific on what is required with the big ticket item being hard covered binders with zippers for the 7 subjects...hmmm I went to three different stores and honestly still don't think I found exactly what they are looking for but they will have to do. What happened to the good out Hilroy scribblers that we used many, many years ago. He used those in Kindergarten and I thought they were great.

Truth be told I was one of those kids at the beginning of each school year that loved all the new school supplies....I loved freshly sharpened new pencils, erasers that haven't been used, pencil crayons all lined up in the box and scribblers that hadn't been cracked open yet. Sadly, Hayden doesn't seem to share the same enthusiasm that I did about school supplies and honestly hasn't even really looked at all the new stuff.

The one thing that I'm really craving is early bedtimes for the kids as I'm finding I need to get to bed earlier myself. We have started to wind the kids back so that in a few weeks it won't totally be a shock when they need to be up at 7ish every morning. I'm not worried about Laila as she gets up pretty close to that time anyways but it should be interesting getting my first born up for that time. Luckily it will be his dad that will need to deal with him at least 3 out of the 5 mornings.

The school offers before/after school care for the kids so I think we have decided that 3 mornings a week Hayden will drive down with Faruq as his office is only about 5 minutes from the school and that I will pick him up on those days. The others days I will drop him at the school in the morning but he will stay afterwards and Faruq will collect him on his way home.

We should be fine up until Christmas but come the new year with a new baby the schedule should prove to be interesting but like when we had Laila it was easier to just take things one day at a time. For me really it's just my recovery time that I'm more concerned with at the c-section. I will be out of commission for at least 3 weeks so it could be tricky but I think Faruq plans to take some time off during those weeks and we are also looking into a part-time nanny for a few months.

Anyway...enjoy the remaining few weeks of summer with your kids because soon enough it will be over !

Chow for now !

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