We survived Day 1...

Well we managed to get everyone dressed and ready to go to Hayden's new school yesterday for 9am. Hayden was a little grumpy as was my normally "happy-go-lucky" Laila. My kids like their sleep and don't like to be woken up. But this is our life now and they will just have to adjust to it.

I think we all had a few "nervous" bugs in our tummies going into the school and didn't really know what to expect. But upon entering we were instantly put at ease. The staff was so friendly and made us felt welcome immediately.

They had everyone meet in the gymnasium and once the staff was introduced the kids were called by their homeroom teachers to be taken to their classrooms.

It was funny because when we got into the gym I kept thinking that there were a lot of kids still missing but realized that this was all there was because of the fact there is only 120 students in the whole school. They had the upper grades come in at 11 yesterday.

We got to help Hayden take his supplies up to his class but were asked to leave while they set up their desks and cubbies on their own. Again, I was way more emotional then my kid ! We were told that once they were done the kids would come and get us.

His biggest complaint about it all was there are only 4 other boys in his class and 10 girls but his dad tried to reassure him that in a few years that might actually be a good thing. Hayden still wasn't convinced but did manage to make one buddy .

After we were done at the school we took the kids out for lunch and a little shopping at Toys R Us then we all headed home for a little afternoon nap.

I have been plagued with mixed feelings all summer on whether we did the right thing by moving him to this school but after yesterday I truly know it was the right decision for us. I only hope that he will thrive in this environment and will enjoy learning.

Today is the first full day of classes so I'm anticipating a very tired little boy when he comes home but I'm sure he will adjust this new routine very quickly.

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