Week 2

Well second week went even better then the first at Hayden's new school - We are adjusting to the new schedule and honestly have to say it's been pretty easy. It was lovely having daddy off for most of last week but secretly I'm more organized when he is not home. For me I know when there is someone else around I tend to slack off a bit (okay a lot).

I wasn't sure how the early mornings were going to go but once we are up and dressed the rest is easy. We have the luxury of daddy taking him at least 3 mornings a week so I can let Laila sleep a little later on those mornings. She and I usually head down to get him at the end of the day but there is the odd day dad can get away and pick him up. It's super that they provide before/after school care for the "just incase" moments. I anticipate a few of those in the new year with the new baby.

I'm still loving the uniforms as it just makes it easier when trying to decide what to wear in the morning and I guess I'm lucky because Hayden has never complained about wearing them.

He has 5 teachers and they are all lovely - You can honestly tell they are passionate about what they do and it shows with the way they interact with the kids. The "real" work has started but the homework is not to bad as of yet....they have said it shouldn't be more then 30 minutes a night due to the fact they have so much time in the class to complete work. I think Hayden is finding it a little different with only 7 others in his class - definitely no day-dreaming this year.

The schedule works well with only 3 classes a day, a lunch break and 3 recess breaks It's a long day and we can really see that he is tired when he comes home but we knew that this year at any school was going to be tough. He has always gone to school in the afternoon so mornings were pretty leisurely around the Suleman's.

They have already gone on their first field out to Canmore for a hike and we have gotten notice of two more upcoming outings. After hearing a few "nightmare" stories this week about some of the classes in the CBE I'm just so happy that Hayden is going to Delta West. It was not a cheap venture but one that I know will have lasting effects.

I can hardly wait for Laila to start Pre-K there in a few years !!

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Jenn M said...

So glad it is working out for you.