Weekend fun !!

Our weekend was just packed with activity after activity but it was an awesome 2 days !!

Friday evening I finished getting ready for our garage sale and we headed to bed earlier then usual.  Bright and early Saturday morning everyone around us opened up their garage doors and we set out to sell our treasures.  While the traffic through our street was rather light it was so nice to visit with all of our neighbors,  kids just wandered between homes collecting little treats at each spot while the Mama's took turns provide delicious snacks and drinks for each other.  It has been a very long winter and it had been too long since we had a good old fashion block party.

You see our neighborhood wasn't always like this but since we have moved in we have gotten to know almost every house in our little cul-d-sac and it has become a real community here.  We look out for each other homes, shovel driveways when we know someone is away, drop off meals when there is a new baby or someone is sick.  A lot of people say you don't find that in bigger cities but we have and I feel very blessed to be part of it.

Sorry...back to our garage sale ...I had a few people right at 8 who bought nothing then it picked up a bit from 10 to 1.  My method for pricing was to go a little higher and know that the "real hard core" garage salers  would barter but I had seriously started to question my method after the first few left.   But it turned out pretty much as I thought , so doing it my way was the best...I ended getting the price that I truly wanted.  I didn't move any big items but did manage to get rid of lots of little stuff.  In the end we were close to $600 in profit.

I only had one guy that we asked to leave as he got really belligerent when we refused his offer...It was on a Thomas the Train Roundhouse (a very large and expensive piece for the train table).  I just had a bad feeling about him as soon as he started talking to me.  He accused us of lying that it was actually an authentic Thomas the Train piece because he said all pieces are stamped (ah no they aren't jackass as Faruq proofed by bringing out 3 pieces),  then said he would only offer $10 - it was marked $20 (but retails for over $120 bucks) and when I said no he slammed in down on the floor and left.

He returned about 5 minutes later and again tried to barter the price but $15 because it had a few marker streaks on it from when Hayden did a little artwork on it.  That is in fact why it was only $20 in the first place because we could have asked more if they weren't there.  The A-hole knew even at $20 it was an amazing deal and that's why he came back.  It just went from back to worse and the conversation just got stupid.  Faruq was quietly sitting on the front deck with Sophie but couldn't stand it any longer,  walked into the garage and just told the guy to get off his property.   Faruq is close to 6 ft while this guy was maybe 5 ft so to say the least I think he was a little freaked out and hightailed without the piece.

Well within an hour this little guy and his dad came by.  The little munchkin was instantly attracted to the  piece but his dad said that they couldn't afford it.  We chatted for awhile and he said his mom was working today and they had just went out for a walk.  He had gotten laid off from his job just after Christmas and hasn't found full time work yet (sad but it's a similar story around here).  Anyway, I'm happy to say the little guy is now the proud owner of his first piece of Thomas the Train.  I decided that this was a far better recipient to receive it and gifted it to him.  In the end it was really never about the money too bad the other jerk didn't get that.

Saturday evening we had great friends over for a yummy food feast and drinks which was exactly what I needed after my day of selling.  Faruq managed to get out for 18 holes this morning with his golfing buddies.  Then this afternoon a friend dropped by with fresh fruit from her garden and we ended up having Mojitos on my front porch while the kids played.

It was just a perfectly delightful weekend which I hope to repeat many times over (minus the garage sale) for the rest of our summer.  Back to reality tomorrow morning but only for 2 more weeks until the summer break officially kicks off !!  Then my neighbors and I can have mojitos every afternoon and not have to worry about picking up kids from school (I kid we won't have them everyday maybe only every second day).

I hope you all had a lovely, warm and peaceful weekend !!

Chow for now !


Lindsay said...

That sounds like a great weekend! And you found the perfect home for Thomas :)

stripeycat said...

ahhh... I love that story ! What a great lady you are. and go Hubs!

Save me a seat some afternoon for a mohito... yummie!