More on the party...

Like I said in the last post the LEGO party was a pretty easy theme in the end.

For the cake I used 2 9x13 cakes - one chocolate and one vanilla for the blocks.  I cut them into a 4 knob, 2 knob and 1 knob to equal 7 for the birthday boy's age.  For the knobs I used rice krispies squares covered in fondant then iced them (this part was a PITA and I figure there has to be a better way to do them).

For plates, napkins and cutlery I went to our local dollar and picked up stuff in primary colors.

For the loot bags we bought  a small activity book from Michaels, a wooden puzzle in the primary colors, everyone got one of these, a bag of lego candy....

And Faruq made these neat keychains with a few inexpensive supplies from Michaels and LEGO's in Hayden's stash.

I used some colored bags that I had in my craft supplies for the actual loot bag that I wasn't going to use and made little name tags for each one. It worked perfectly because I had pink/purple for the girls and blue/green for the boys.  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of those.  :{

The the whole loot bag cost us just under $10 which I know is a lot to some but honestly it's hard to do it for less.  I have always preferred to spend a bit more and get things that are useful rather then just cheap little toys that will just break before they even get them home.

We had the actual party at a local "retro" bowling alley and the kids had a blast.  I typically like home birthdays as they are a more personal but there were 16 kids invited to the party and I honestly didn't think I could handle that many at home.  We would have had to most likely hire an entertainer for the first hour and provided food so the cost was pretty close to what we paid for  the kids to bowl and have pizza afterwards.  Plus I didn't have to worry about cleaning before or after the party.

He received a ton of new LEGO and surprisingly there was no repeats but he utterly shocked us last night after we got home by telling us that because he had gotten so much he wanted to take half and give it to the Children's hospital here in Calgary.  This is not the first time Hayden has done this so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised by this gesture.   His dad told him because of his generosity he will take him to Toys R Us and match what he gives to the hospital and he was thrilled.  I'm very proud mama for sure !

To celebrate his actual birthday on July 3rd Hayden is going to have 2 or 3 of his best buddies over for a movie and dinner out then back to ours for a sleepover.

Happy "early"  7th Birthday Hayden  !!  I'm honored to be your mama !  I have enjoyed the last 7 years so much and look forward to many more with you.

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Lindsay said...

You should be proud of your kind hearted and generous little boy! Happy early birthday Hayden!