~ Sweet Sophie ~

You are 6 months old today - Where has the time gone ?

December 29th - Just a few minutes old 

I have been trying to savour every moment with you as I know you are my last wee baby and there will be no more after you.

You are a great sleeper - 9 to 10 hours at night and 2 long naps during the day.
You are a wonderful eater and we will be starting cereal in the next few days.
You are 18 pounds 6 ozs...biggest of my three babies at this age !
You have the most fabulous chunky little legs.
You are wearing 9 to 12 month clothes.
You have the greatest laugh and your siblings make you laugh the hardest.
You watch everything your brother and sister do and I just know we are in trouble in a few months.
You love your mama but are a total daddy's girl and can't wait for him to hold you at night when he gets home.
You are getting stronger every day and love bouncing in your exersaucer.
You haven't quite mastered rolling over but are close.
You are starting to sit up more on your own.
You still are not a fan of "tummy" time and mama doesn't really force it.
Your are patience most times unless you are hungry.
You are a true beauty !

Sophie we are so honored that you have joined our family and we love you very much !!  The first 6 months have been amazing and we can't wait to make more memories with you !!

 Happy "6 months" Birthday 
~ Sophie Rhys ~

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Keli said...

She is sooooo cute. I love the happy smiling face.