Everyone meet "Bob"

I have adopted him as my 4th child and have labelled him as my most "helpful" one.  You see he will never talk back to me or stomp upstairs mad.  He won't be grumpy in the morning or refuse to eat his breakfast.  He won't make any messes for me to clean up instead he will just provide me with a much needed sanity break during the summer days.

We love Bob and hope that he is a part of our little family for a very long time to come !!


Shana said...

You are definitely carrying the cool mom card! I use to love bringing outdoor activities, indoors! Congratulations on the new addition, ha!

stripeycat said...

I want one for myself... really for me... Boy, I envy you though, because i sure could see how "bob" will provide the time for you to breath. And darn it you deserve it!