Garage sale this weekend....

I'm getting ready for my big "blowout" garage sale on Saturday but honestly I'm having anxiety just trying to price things.  I know that to get rid of all my (junk) treasures you need to price the items right but I'm struggling with the right price vs. just giving it away.

I have a ton of "baby" stuff that I need to remove from my house as well as various household items that we have not used since relocating to Calgary almost 5 years ago so I think it's save to let them go.

Hayden has gone through his toys and has a pile that he is willing to part with.  He will be donating his proceeds to the Children's hospital.  That's my boy !!

Anyone have a good reference they use when pricing items I would love to hear it !

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Isaac said...

You can also list all things for sale online on It's totally free – no commissions or fees whatsoever, you get to keep all the money. It's just like a regular garage sale but runs forever.
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