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Boy can someone learn a lot about a subject today with the use of internet !!  I always felt I wasn't a a bad baker but after undertaking the task of creating Hayden's birthday cake this year I have needed to go to my friends Google and YouTube for advice and information.  I have learnt a few really good tricks and techniques that I will share with you when I have time.

I have discovered that Fondant is the the devils work but while I was defeated in my first attempt to use it I will eventually conquer it when I have more time.

Laila has decided that it is time to potty train and seems to be taking to the idea pretty well...We have been in underpants for 3 days during the day with very few accidents.  She still wears her diaper at night and I usually leave her in it until after her morning poop (sorry if that's TMI).  She doesn't mind the peeing in the potty but #2 isn't happening yet.

Her speech has exploded over the last 2 weeks and it's been so neat communicating with her this way now.  I find her mini tantrums have almost stopped as well and I really feel that it was her way of expressing herself when she couldn't communicate her feelings.

We are having Hayden 7th Birthday this coming Sunday and while he is super excited I'm still left wondering where the last 7 year have gone.  He is maturing into such a smart and funny young man I hardly recognize him.   He is busy preparing for his finals at school in a few weeks and impatiently waiting for the end of school in exactly 25 days (but who's counting).

Sophie is still just lovely and she to is growing at a very rapid rate (which secretly makes me very sad).   She has started to sit up by herself and move around  when left on her back on a blanket.  I suspect we are going to get a few teeth any day now as she is sucking on anything she can get her little mouth on.  I picked up some cereal for her last week and will probably start that within the month.

I'm getting ready for a garage sale next week and again this makes me sad as I'm parting with all my newborn things.  No sense in keeping any of it as there will no more little "Suleman's".  :}

We are finally getting some nice weather again after Mother Nature decided to treat us to another blast of winter last week.  So depressing when you get used to lovely warm days only to be greeted with snow and cold temps.  Hopefully we are now in the clear and will enjoy some warm days !

I think that's about it for us this week...I hope everything is enjoy the sunny weather !!

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Lindsay said...

Getting rid of the baby stuff is beyond sad!

I hope you take pictures of Hayden's cake when it's done :)