Oh Sunny day...Please come back so we can break this beauty out !

The kids (namely Hayden) have been asking for one of these for the past year.  His best buddy has one and they always have a great time in it.   I refuse to the let kids go in the ones they have in public places because of the "germ" factor.

I was looking at the London Drugs flyer a couple of days ago and they had the baby below for $99....What a steal as they are listed for $299 on the Toys R Us website.  I knew they would be gone as soon as the doors opened this morning and I couldn't envision myself with two little ones trying to fight to get one.  So daddy volunteered to go get one for us before heading to work.

At our local London Drugs store they received 30 and by the time Faruq got there at 8:45 there was already a line at the door.  They did it smartly though by handing out numbers to the first 30 people so there wasn't a mad rush when they opened the doors at 9.

I can't wait for the sunny weather to come back and start using it !!

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