This and That...

We are alive and survived the birthday party this weekend.  I spent most of Sunday in bed with a migraine and sadly really couldn't take much for it.  I think my body was really tired as well from all the activities last week so it just needed to recharge itself.

The party was fun and the magician was great.  He definitely entertained the kids for the hour that he was here.  It was our first year with the kids being dropped off and no parents staying.  While most of the kids were well behaved we had a few that I would say require a few more lessons in manners.  Hayden ended up getting sick half way through the party so he wasn't feeling great for the last party.  I was happy to see 3:30 come and the parent arrive to pick everyone up.

Well I did yet another thing I said I never would.  We bought Hayden a DSi for his birthday !  I remember saying that I would never let my kids have video games because they were mindless and served no real purpose other then to waste time.  But he has been on us for almost a year to get one of these little game consoles and he has played with his friends many times.  So we caved and bought it for him.  We have put some restrictions on the use of it though and he seems to be quite happy to conform to them (so far).  Secretly, I have played it a few times and actually find them quite fun (but we won't be telling the kids that).  :}

We are on day 2 of summer vacation and I have only heard "I'm bored" twice.  Mommy needs to get the craft supplies out and get a few things organized for activities while we are house bound in the afternoons.

Daddy is out of town until Friday so it will prove to be a little long for mama but some very dear friends of ours have relocated to Calgary (actually right here in Royal Oak) have offered to take one or both of the kids for me if I need a little break.  Hayden knows them well so would be more then happy to escape from his little sister for a break.  It's a bonus that they don't have kids yet so he has their undivided attention and they tend to spoil him a bit.  Thanks guys for the offer and I might just take you up on it.

I have lots of pictures to post from Hayden's final T-Ball game and his birthday party but will need to actually download them from my camera but it will have to wait until another time.

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