Hip Hip Hooray....Summer Break is here !!

Well it has finally arrived...the last day of school is here !  Truth be told I think the teachers started their break last week as there has been very little done in the classrooms with regards to work.  Lots of fun activities and playing outside which suits my kid (& probably all the others)  fine.

It has been a great year for Hayden !  We are so impressed with what he has done academically and how he is developing his social skills.  The shy boy we dropped off almost 10 months ago has really matured and come into his own.  While still quiet he is definitely not afraid of standing up for himself with his classmates.

His reading ability is what we are most impressed with while he knew his alphabet he was always resistant to actually learn to read.  I'm not sure what they did but whatever it was he is now reading at a grade one level and is devouring any books he can get his hands on.  We are going to incorporate a weekly trip to the library to ensure that he always has new titles on hand to keep him going.

Funny the only thing on his report card was that he constantly needed to be reminded to focus on what he was doing and could get easily distracted during individual work times.  Well my belief is that this might have something to with having 23 other kids in the classroom.  I have volunteered many times in the classroom and would have to say most times it was "organized" chaos in the room.  I'm not sure there are many 5 year olds that could could stay on track with that much going on around them.

Having said that we do know that Hayden does have a issue with either being "to focused"  or "losing focus" on things.   But we have been working with him at home and had asked that the teachers remind him when they see him "day dreaming".

I really believe that a disservice is being committed next year to the kids going into grade 1 and are being placed in a classes with 36 other kids.  While there is 2 teachers assigned to the room there are still 36 other little bodies in the room.  They had 24 this year and IMO that was too may.

I'm thankful that we have the means to send Hayden to the private school and hope that the class size of 8 will only benefit him further with his learning.  We have had to make some sacrifices but both felt that we couldn't afford not to do it for him.  I'm excited for what next will bring for him and school but also very sad for the students that are returning to Brentwood Elementary.

"First Day of Kindergarten - Sept'08"

~~~~ Congratulations Hayden ~~~~ 
We love you and are very proud of what you have done this past year !!!

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