What a nice surprise !!

Well after all these years my beloved still remembered our anniversary...I'm a spoiled mama tonight and couldn't have asked for anymore.

We didn't do anything special today but that's okay !  Hubby grabbed some Olive Garden take-out for us.  Totally yummy but I'm once again nursing a bad headache...too much salt (but it's worth it).

He and Hayden then presented me with the following beautiful cake made a company called "Cakeworks" who are located here in Calgary.

I have joked for years that I would love to have the "Tiffany's Blue Box" for a cake but never thought he heard me or would remember.  Surprise he does listen once in awhile.

He gave me two little "real" Tiffany's boxes as well that contained a lovely necklace and bracelet.  We have a bit of running joke with jewellery....He buys it and I return it.  Over the years he has bought me many great pieces but I have only kept a few.  God love him for continuing to try to chose things he thinks I would like.

Of course, I kept to our previous agreement of not buying gifts for each other so I  don't have anything for him (yet).  I did pick up a few things for Father's Day this Sunday so we will spoil him on his special day !!!

I hope you all have a great weekend...must run and have a piece of the lovely cake !!

Chow for now !

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aristide said...

i forget the fathers day uahhh