Well it's a done deal...

Hayden will started at Delta West Academy come next September.  He did awesome in the interview with the admissions coordinator and they offered him (or us really) the last spot in grade 1.

We toured the school with Hayden and while he was reserved (like he normally is) he was excited (so was his mama) !   They have a kitchen lab where the kids will do a food preparation course, Spanish, french, science lab and the classrooms looks great.  His classroom is big and bright with everyone having  lots of workspace.

The bonus is there are 16 grade 1 students enrolled for next year so they are splitting the classes into two classes of 8.  Compared to the 24 this year that was music to my ears.

It's a very comfortable school where everyone is on a first name basis and they truly are committed to providing a solid educational experience for your child.

She said because of the small class sizes they have ample time for course content delivery and in most cases do more then what is actually required.  We met the grade one teacher and she was just lovely.

The only problem Hayden will have is actually getting up and there for the start of school at 8:15 in the morning.  He doesn't usually get up until after 9 (yikes could be interesting).  I predict he will be in bed by 7 in the evening !!

I'm excited for him and what next year holds.

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Donna said...

Congrats Hayden! I know Josh will miss you on the bus!