Ups, Downs and Decisions !!!

I had a wonderful day on my own last Saturday. Daddy took the kids to the pool for swimming lessons at 9:00am and didn't return until after dinnertime that night.  My day started with a leisurely breakfast and I colored my hair which was in desperate need of attention.  Then I  ventured to the mall for a few hours of shopping.  We have both our anniversary and Father's Day this weekend so I needed to pick up a few things for Faruq.

But.......I knew there was something up when Faruq came in and was all lovey dovey to me....I guess he had a small altercation with my van in a parking garage. He misjudged the clearance with a wall at the exit to the garage and totally dented/scratched the passenger side of the van. I know it was an accident but man I was steamed for awhile. I tried not to be because when I had the small fender bender a few years back he didn't get mad at all. (that's the kind of guy he is but I tend to like to scream !!)  

He has already booked the body shop and my van will be fixed shortly but it still bums me out that it will probably cost us upwards of $1500 to get it fixed.

We are now finally in the last few weeks of school -  7 days and counting !  Hayden and I have already started to plan some fun activities while he is off.  I think we will hit the playground in the morning after everyone is up and fed.  Home for lunch then while Laila is napping I will be able to spend a few hours with him.  

I believe we have finally made the decision to send Hayden to a private school next year.  It really wasn't that tough of a decision....the school is great (small with only 120 students total) and the location is perfect (tucked away from the main traffic flow).  The course curriculum is wonderful and it is fully packed with lots of variety.  They learn both Spanish and French through to grade 12.  As well, there is art and theater classes.

The classes sizes are in most cases 10 but will only go to 12 which will give him a lot of quality time with the teachers.  We just had to figure out if we could swing it financially and came to the conclusion that we would make it work.   We don't take a lot of big vacations and we drive older cars so we have decided to invest in our kid's education.   

We were happy with the progress that Hayden has made in Kindergarten through the Public Education system but were always bothered by the large class sizes.  We chose an alternative program called The Traditional Learning Centre and found the program challenged Hayden academically but always felt he could be easily distracted by the daily commotion in the classroom.  There were 24 total in his class with a full-time teacher and 1/2 time teacher. 

I had the chance to volunteer many times this year and was able to observe times where Hayden would just get so distracted with what was going on around him he wouldn't get his work completed.  It always appeared that the "squeaky wheel" would get the attention from the teachers. We don't blame the them it's just the circumstances with having that many kids in one room.

We have the final interview tomorrow but Faruq and I both feel content with our decision for Hayden's future.  So unless he totally blows it tomorrow Hayden will embark in September on what we hope is the adventure of his life starting next year.

Well I think that's all the news from the last few days...I have a few thoughts a couple of shows I have been watching lately but will save that for another day !!

Enjoy the nice warm weather we have been getting because god knows how long it will last !!

Chow for now !

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