Yikes !!  So hubby and I decided that come June 1st we will be canceling our cable.   

Honestly, I have to admit I watch too much TV - I'm a "Reality TV" junkie and spend a lot of time watching a variety of different shows.  But I will truly only miss maybe one or two but know that some how my life will continue without them.  I'm sure some I can watch of the Internet because that we are keeping.  I mean really I can only get rid of one bad habit at a time so we will stay connected to the World Wide Web (for now).

Faruq only watches the occasional sports show so for him he just sees the saving of $65 a month which is a total win for him.

Hayden would watch TV all day I'm sure if I let him - I have always been bothered by the "zombie-like" state he goes into when watching TV so this will be a good thing for him.  Laila doesn't watch TV for anything other then commercials so she maybe a little sad but again I'm sure her little life will go on.

We own lots of DVD that certainly can be revisited for another viewing and we have a Blockbuster membership so I'm sure I can catch up on some of my favorite shows when they are released onto DVD.

I gotta admit I know this is going to be tougher then I think....what will I do at 4 every afternoon when I would be watching all my favorites characters on Coronation Street !!!

Maybe I can convince DH that we should down grade to "basic" cable then wean ourselves off that in say 6 months.

Wish us luck !!

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Jenn M said...

Good luck Michelle,

We tried, but decided to downgrade to a lower tier.

I like my mindlessness.