Long Weekend....

I love long weekends !  I find the two days we usually get just isn't enough time to sit and relax but having the additional day means we do get a little family time to just be together.

Hubby is actually coming home at 11 this morning and will be off until Tuesday and Hayden is off until then as well.  We have dr.'s appointments for the kids today then we are heading to IKEA for lunch and shopping.

Tomorrow we have some swimming lessons, farmer's market visit and lawn work that needs to be completed please pray for some warm weather.  Calgary has been having a very bad spring this year but they are forecasting highs of 20 on Saturday.

We are hoping on Sunday or Monday to maybe head to the mountains for a picnic and hike.  

Have a super long weekend and I hope you can enjoy some quality time with your family !!!

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Melissa Miller said...

Hi Michelle,
It's so nice to meet you!
Thank you for visiting and your kind words on our GR.
I really appreciate it.
You're always welcomed!

Your blog is really pretty!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.
~Melissa :)